This is a helper app for django-vb-admin and ships with while installation:

$ pip install django-vb-admin
$ django-vb-admin -h

It’s also available on PyPI and available via:

$ pip install django-vb-baseapp


  • Two abstract custom base models: CustomBaseModel and CustomBaseModelWithSoftDelete
  • Two custom base model admins: CustomBaseModelAdmin and CustomBaseModelAdminWithSoftDelete
  • Soft deletion feature and admin actions for CustomBaseModelAdminWithSoftDelete
  • pre_undelete and post_undelete signals for soft delete operation
  • Pre enabled models admin site: ContentTypeAdmin, LogEntryAdmin, PermissionAdmin, UserAdmin
  • Timezone and locale middlewares
  • Onscreen debugging feature for views! (Template layer...)
  • Handy utils: numerify, save_file, SlackExceptionHandler
  • Fancy file widget: AdminImageFileWidget for ImageField on admin by default
  • OverwriteStorage for overwriting file uploads
  • Custom file storage for missing files for development environment: FileNotFoundFileSystemStorage
  • Custom and configurable error page views for: 400, 403, 404, 500
  • Custom management command with basic output feature CustomBaseCommand
  • Builtin console, console.dir() via vb-console package
  • Simpler server logging for runserver_plus
  • This project uses as HTML/CSS framework, ships with jQuery and Fontawesome