Create custom and tailor made Django project!

Creates custom Django project layout. Compatible with Django 2.2.8 and requires Python 3.7.x. By default, project uses PostgreSQL, this means you need to install :) macOS users can install via brew install postgres


  • Python 3.7.x
  • PostgreSQL


$ pip install django-vb-admin

This package heavily depends on django-vb-baseapp. All the rake tasks are related to django-vb-baseapp. You don’t need to do anything, django-vb-admin installs required packages automatically.


After installation, you’ll have a command: django-vb-admin

$ django-vb-admin -h

usage: django-vb-admin [-h] [-t TARGET] [-v {0,1}] [--version]

Create new Django project

positional arguments:
  {startproject}        Name of command(s)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t TARGET, --target TARGET
                        Target path
  -v {0,1}, --verbosity {0,1}
                        Verbose mode
  --version             show program's version number and exit

Now you can check the example page


This project is licensed under MIT



All PR’s are welcome!

  1. fork (
  2. Create your branch (git checkout -b my-features)
  3. commit yours (git commit -am 'Add awesome feature')
  4. push your branch (git push origin my-features)
  5. Than create a new Pull Request!